Monday, May 26, 2008

Preparing to leave the womb...

As I think about my last week of corporate employment for a while, and begin to figure out the best combination of web tools to manage my life, I've been making some observations:
  • Google has become a bigger and bigger part of my life. I've been using their search for over 10 years, they grabbed my email about 4 years ago, I started blogging with them about a year ago. When enterprise customers asked me 3 years ago "What are you doing about Google?" I thought they were a bit confused, but now more and more of my friends starting companies use Google to run their offices. Recently I discovered Page Creator, a nice place to make a web landing page. And of course Google Analytics gives me the visibility I need into anything I do on the web. So how does this make me feel? Great. I want more, much more. But integrate the stuff, please. How long will I need to use an HTML widget to get analytics on my Google properties?
  • Twitter is fun and useful. The main question I'm left with is how public to be. And when the site will be up.
  • The critical question for the modern web presence... What is your information architecture? Yes, it is no different from creating a useful application. If you tweet your Facebook status, you know what I mean. If you struggle to decide what to include in your friendfeed, you know what I mean. I'm still putting one together, I'll let you all know what I come up with. But with the explosion of tools out there, it is hard to know which to use, but even harder to know the master data model behind them.
Next quest: who should I pay so I can talk on my mobile phone? Survey says: AT&T, get prepped for iPhone 3G. Gotta figure that out by Friday, last day in the womb.


  1. The information architecture is hard. Let me know how you manage it.

    Mine is based on my "social graph" (hate that term) and keeps changing as my friends move to different platforms. Mostly it revolves around Twitter these days, for better and worse.

    It'd be cool to have a "home base" that all my friend are on and that I/we could just plug new feeds into rather than moving around en masse. Friendfeed sounds good that way, but hasn't worked out that way for me.

  2. yeah, eventually I imagine people will manage their data from a 'home base' based on microformats, and allow the various networks to 'see' various bits. if someone doesn't make that for us eventually we'll need to do it ourselves, eh?