Thursday, May 29, 2008

A long long time ago...

As I was cleaning out my office this week, I came across the initial Plumtree master CDs, and bequeathed them to Joseph Stanko, who has been around for nearly as long and I knew would appreciate them. Not surprisingly, Joseph stuck it in his Windows box and tried to install it, which brought us some priceless old images:

The Installer Splash Screen

The Installer Options

And finally the home page of the product:

So, yes, the installer ran on a system ten years later, and came right up (with a few errors that aren't visible on this screen). Wow.

Quick story about the installer: I was the QA engineer in 1997, and tasked with creating the installer one week by my boss and CEO, Kirill Sheynkman. Being new to the world of the startup, I thought that was a soft goal. But that Saturday, at about 10 AM, Kirill called me at home to ask me where the installer was. I told him I wasn't finished. He told me to come to the office, and not leave until I was.

After realizing that he wasn't kidding, I came in, and ended up leaving at about 10 PM on Sunday, but learned a valuable lesson: don't kid around with commitments, especially with Kirill.

Monday morning he reviewed it with me in his office, and determined it was almost there, but needed two important changes: I needed to add a random large file to make it appear bigger on disk, and I needed to slow it down somehow -- it ran in about 15 seconds. As Kirill said after running it, "that didn't feel worth $30K, now did it?"

Lesson #2 learned, not bad for a weekend's work.


  1. Great story about Kirill and thanks for posting the nostalgic images from the installer!

    Your last two blog posts have inspired me to post something on my blog about the g'old days at Plumtree, which seem like light years ago now.

  2. Great stuff! I love the part about the random large file for size and telling you to slow down the installer.