Monday, April 9, 2007

Widget insertion, oh yeah...

Tech Crunch posted an article today on Widget Publishing, noting "Getting a widget onto a website, whether its a blog or a MySpace page or anything else, is a bit of a pain." And the "pain" is having to copy a snippet of javascript onto your web page. The solution discussed is a way to email widgets around to make the process easier.

Okay, that might constitute pain on the web, but that is
in the enterprise. In the enterprise, as we know, widget insertion generally requires cracking open an IDE.

The exciting thing is the explosion of activity for Web widgets. Widgets aren't new. Anyone who ever played with Microsoft's 1997 foray into Active Desktop will find this area familiar. But with this secondary explosion comes evolving standards, such as W3C's Widget working draft, as well as evolving technologies, such as ATOM and RSS.

Ensemble brings the web ease into the enterprise. Just as you copy and paste widgets into your blog, now you can do it into any enterprise web site, replete with security and governance.

Next year you will be able to consume everything in your enterprise as if it is RSS and GData, in a way that makes IT calm and encouraging. I just hope they don't start clogging my email...

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